How to Boost Your Sales With This Follow Up Rule

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(Your Fortune Is In The Follow Up)

Let me ask you this…Are you taking advantage of the connections you already have? Are you in touch with those who have already raised their hand and are interested in what you have to offer? Are you following up on your leads? Do you have a proper follow up system?

Today we will be talking on how to boost up your sales with my #1 Follow-up Rule. I do not only teach this rule to other entrepreneurs but I also practice it in my business. I have to confess; when I first started my business I didn’t have a follow up system in place.

The reason is because I somehow thought people are like ME and they reason like ME! When I want something, I get it – and I act fast. I know what I need or want, do my research and follow my gut. If someone has to follow up with me, it means I am not interested and I don’t want to be bothered.

In another words, I projected my limiting beliefs onto people. What I’ve learned during my entrepreneurial journey is that most people don’t actually know what they want, they don’t research and don’t follow their gut (big mistake, because this behavior invites procrastination!). Even worst, by the time they take action it’s too late.

Most people are secretly “hoping” things work out itself and get better. It is part of the “One day….or When….I will…Syndrome.” However, you and I know that things don’t get better by chance; they only get better by taking a new approach. We can’t continue doing things the same old-fashioned way and expect to see a different result.

People secretly want you to be the lead, to know you are the right choice, and want you to help them to make critical decision. We can avoid following up with our ideal prospects all we want because we don’t want to “bother” them, don’t want to come across as being pushy, or don’t want to take the risk to feel rejected.

News flash! This is not about YOU. This is about YOU taking a stand for the people you know you can serve and make a difference.

So why the resistance? What is lacking from other follow up systems out there? The big mistake most entrepreneurs make when following up is they usually talk about their products or services features. I call this Product/Service Centered Follow-up. They do not communicate with their prospects.

What you’ll want to practice is Client Centered Follow-up. When you communicate with your potential client, either by phone, sending a letter, sending a postcard, or an email, and tell them you really want to know what their struggles, goals, and desires are. Then how you could best help them to solve it by saving them money, time and/or effort and believe me, they will respond to you a lot faster.

It’s quite simple; avoid Product/Service Centered Follow-up. Focus on the Client Centered Follow-up. You’ll be motivating to take action now before it is too late.

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Here is to Unleashing Your Business Profit Power!
(Let’s cheer to that)
Simone 😉
Marketing & Mindset Mentor

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