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simoneSimone Mitjans is the founder and CEO of the Ideal Client Marketing. She is the creator of The YBe² System. She is absolutely passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners, to discover their business “It Factor” and apply authentic marketing strategies (because One Size Does Not Fit All!) As a result, they more attract ideal clients, make more money and enjoy more time off. She truly believes that once you know what to do, have support and a means for accountability your business success is inevitable.

Simone Mitjans has a background in science, is a Published Author, international speaker, Direct Response Marketing Expert, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy TM, Master Hypnotist, Certified Spiritual Practitioner, Practitioner of Neuro Pathway Restructuring and Level 4 Human Design Specialist.

Here is why The YBe² System (a.k.a.Your Business Energy Squared) was created…

In my former health and wellness business I implemented all the right marketing tools and strategies (or at least I thought they were, from what I learned in school,) and I was getting plenty of prospects; however, when I went to make the “close” the client would respond with, “Let me think about it.” I talked to other business owners, and they expressed the same frustrations: not enough clients, money or time. I also found out that, like me, they felt uncomfortable with how they were marketing their business.

I began to study marketing from all the gurus I could. It was a piecemeal adventure: on-line and off-line marketing here, copy to persuade there, sprinkled with positioning, package, price and place. URGH!!! It was frustrating! I was applying everything I was learning, and still no positive results. Until one day out of frustration I yelled out, “I just want ideal clients! Clients that say YES to what I have to offer!”

After that, I attended a one-week seminar unrelated to marketing. It was on building a mindset for success utilizing your core values, traits, belief system, and cultural differences. It was a moment of revelation for me. This was the missing link to my marketing strategy!

Using the information I learned from that seminar and others, combined with my marketing, mindset and energy  training I soon developed a systematic approach (YBe²) to marketing that was effortlessly executed, within my comfort zone and, most importantly, successful.

My conversion rate increased, so did my retention rate, referrals and my income. To top it off, because I was more successful in my business, I had more clients, was charging more and could dedicate more time to my personal life.

I began sharing The YBe² System and strategies with other small business owners, and soon they were expressing the positive results (25-35% increase) they were experiencing. That’s when I decided to help others with their businesses on a full-time basis.

By now you are probably wondering, what is The YBe² System and how does it work?
Unlike other marketing systems that just tell you what you should do, the system works by first identifying what is holding back your business success; what mindset rules are misaligned with what you want from your business; and how to stop working against your success—yes, I too was working against my own success, but I didn’t know it.

In other words, The YBe² System and the 9 Strategies will help you…
• Create a unique marketing strategy aligned with your personality, mindset and energy traits
• Exercise effortlessly your marketing strategy within your comfort zone to attract your ideal clients
• Learn to get referrals, convert and retain new clients to increase your income and have more free time
• Create a compelling message that will have your ideal clients chasing you— instead of you chasing after them

The YBe² is a proven step-by-step system to help small business owners just like you attract the IDEAL CLIENT that says YES to your products and services. Businesses using it have seen consistent annual income growth of 20-35%.

These are the 9 Steps of The YBe² System to help you attract more clients, make more money and enjoy more time off:
1. Make marketing your main focus
Craft an effective marketing plan that gets results. Working with your business plan to set priorities and apply intended action will accelerate successful results.
Create a laser focused business mindset to pinpoint what activities will bring you the highest number of clients, inexpensively and in a short period of time, while eliminating what is causing unnecessary expense and waste of time. Once a business has identified its service/product it should not focus on improving or altering it; but rather on marketing it.

2. Discover Your Business “It Factor”
Understanding your unique position in the market place and identifying what your business stands for (It Factor) will differentiate your business from the competition. You have the opportunity to create a unique business with its own product/service, vision and purpose (mission.) Using this strategy will drive your ideal clients to recognize your uniqueness and say ‘YES’ to what you offer.

3. Define Your YES! Client Profile
Establish WHO would benefit most from working with you (your target market), the DPQ (demo-, psycho- and quantum-graphics) for this client and what is it about what you do that makes your work stand out from the rest in your field. Your message, based on your client DPQ, will make them gravitate to you.
These analyses (DPQ) will help you create a compelling message that reinforces your confidence when speaking about what you do to potential clients. It also serves to communicate your value through captivating and enticing copy for all of your marketing materials to connect with your “YES” client.

4. Convert Potential Clients Into Profits
Package your expertise to create a strong, solid, tailored marketing system to convert prospects into high paying clients, every time. Serve to guide your clients in seeing the benefits of, and in meeting their needs rather than “selling” them your product or service. Activate your Connection-to-Conversion Process, which has been proven to be more effective than any sales negotiation training you could ever receive. This process will change how you conduct business and will prove to be easier, more fulfilling and enjoyable.
Not all prospects become clients right away. Many businesses fail to understand that you may have the most compelling message; however, a potential client must receive it at the right time for him/her to take action. Establishing a systematic profit process to remain in contact with the potential client will increase your conversion rate in the long run.

5. Leverage your expertise to create multiple streams of income

Understanding that your business is the opportunity for you to provide an optimal service experience for your clients will provide the business breakthrough you want. Develop a business model that leverages your knowledge and expertise to create multiple sources of income (the real secret to success.) Your business model will include making money while you sleep.

6. Implement Magnetic Marketing Strategies
Skyrocket your ability to create extraordinary impact. Your business success depends on your ability to consistently implement your magnetic marketing plan. Create a step-by-step tracking system to help you carry-out your plan with ease, consistency and efficiently.

7. Integrate On-Line and Off-Line Media
In the digital age we live in you cannot afford to ignore the opportunities on- line media provides you, including social media. Neither should you ignore traditional media outlets that may be very powerful in reaching your ideal client. To further increase the value of your message, its strength and results, it is important to strategically integrate these different media outlets to exponentially attract your ideal client.

8. Implement Business Success Acceleration Systems
Establish systems that have your business and your marketing (so crucial!) operating on autopilot to get more done in less time. You’ll quickly notice how much more joy it is to be able to work ON your business instead of working IN your business. This frees up your mind from the minutiae to allow you to consistently generate new business so that there is never a shortage of clients or income.

9. Discover Your Unique Success Code 
Navigate the business world with confidence and a mindset for success. Align your mindset with your business vision and mission. Identify limiting beliefs and assumptions that may be blocking the success of your business.
These limiting beliefs and assumptions cause stress, lack of focus, business stagnation, and worse of all, fear of making decisions. Addressing these beliefs and assumptions will allow you to remain focused on your goals, make decisions with confidence and ease to meet the vision and mission of your business.

We are PASSIONATE about supporting Entrepreneurs Unleash Their Business Profit Power because…

  • Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and want to offer exceptional value to their customers
  • Entrepreneurs give their all, take risks and take full responsibility to build a business they are proud of
  • Entrepreneurs strive to break records, seek extraordinary ways to go above and beyond the “norm”
  • Entrepreneurs want exceptional income to allow them to live a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. Their burning desire to succeed makes them unstoppable.

If this describes you, how you run your business, life and is determined to make your dreams become reality then you are in the right place.

Your Business Success. Your Life. Your Way.

connect-20333_1280We’ll help you stop wasting time with “One Size Fits All” marketing strategies that isn’t the right match for your business goals. Here we’ll walk you through The YBe² System step-by-step to guide you in marketing yourself effectively. We use tailored and effective strategies that is a match for entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you.

If you are ready to attract more ideal clients, make more money and enjoy more time off (to spend with those you love or do whatever the hack you want!) with specifically designed marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners go beyond their goals, live a rich and fulfilling lifestyle click here to request more information about our coaching, consulting services and more.

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