How to Become An Ideal Client Magnet


Could you be pushing your Ideal Clients away? Have you ever heard people saying “that person sounds like a car salesman/woman, yuck!” Let’s talk about how to become an Ideal Client Magnet. I’m sure you have heard the term before but trust me, this is the real deal. I’m going to be sharing with you my Goldilocks approach so you get more ideal clients reaching out to you.

Unfortunately, there are two common mistakes I’ve witnessed entrepreneurs make that push ideal prospects away. Prospects that are ready to say yes!

The first mistake is the Speedy Quick Approach that comes from entrepreneurs that have a lot of energy and come across as being intense (aka pushy!). They have great intentions and are eager to help clients to solve their problems right away. However, they can come across as being pushy which can be an overwhelming experience for the prospect. The bad news is an overwhelmed prospect will say no, instead of yes.

Then the other approach, or extreme, is the SlowMo Approach. I’ve had clients come to me with a list of 50 to 60 people who have been in front of them and said “Yes, yes, yes, I what to have your offer!” they have done nothing with it and lost momentum.

So, either the Speedy Quick Approach which can be overwhelming or the SlowMo Approach which can lose momentum, you are most likely to get a NO Thank You, instead of a Yes! Please.

How could you solve this issue? Well, I found the Just Right Approach to client conversion.

The Just Right Approach is all about mirroring and matching your prospect’s pace. If you are on a sales call or meeting with a prospect who likes to get things done fast, match that. On the other hand, if you are talking to a kind of slow person (usually because they have to check in how they feel about something before they make a decision), by all means, match that also.

Here is the magic of the Just Right Approach, when you match and mirror your prospect’s pace, energy, and enthusiasm they feel safe with you. They begin to know, like and trust you. Most of all, you are RESPECTING who they are and “speaking their language.”

Don’t be surprised if they tell you “I feel like I’ve known you for a long time. You remind me of an old friend.”

Another practical strategy you can add to that is to connect and communicate with ideal prospects according to your Unique Success Code. Your individualized communication, connection and client conversion approach – not just trying to do what everyone else is doing out there (like I was trying to do and it wasn’t working).

Your Unique Success Code helps you strengthen your marketing message, connect and convert more ideal prospects into Yes! clients in less time. This is your fast track to becoming an Ideal Client Magnet with confidence. Would you like to know more about your Unique Success Code? Experience the miracle for yourself-right here and right now. Click here to book a brief chat with me to see how you could benefit from the Unique Success Code Analysis.

Here is to Unleashing Your Business Profit Power!
(Let’s cheer to that)
Simone 😉
Marketing & Mindset Mentor

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