How to Attract More Clients This Holiday Season



Do you get excited during the Holiday Season? Or are you like some of our clients who panic because this is a “slow” season for business? Well, part of AMPLIFYING your business success is to have large number of ideal prospects ready to buy in your pipeline.

Not long ago one of our clients who was barely making $10K a year. She was so disappointed with her results after being in business for 3 years. She’d get specially stressed out during the holiday season wondering where her income was going to come from and how she could attract more clients.

Her smartest move was to get support to grow her business. So by next holiday season she made 10K in the months of November and December. That was the year she went from $10K to $60K. Pretty good huh?!

She was thrilled when I coached her step-by-step how to attract more clients during the Holiday Season in an elegant way. We did that by utilizing her connections with people who already knew, liked and trusted her.

One of the things she did every Holiday Season was to send a nice greeting card to her family, friends and colleagues. All we did was to spice this fun tradition of hers up with a “New & Good” letter.

Yes! And now you can do it too…Why not add a little flavor to this lovely and fun tradition by adding a simple letter letting them know what is New & Good with your business.

Here is the information you can include in your letter:

Step #1: Include and exciting Greetings!

Step #2: Share what is New & Good with your business. Are you thinking about opening your business soon? Did you just open up your business? Did you get any awards? Are you offering something new? Are you blogging? Are you expanding your office? Just find something to share no matter how big or small everything counts.

Step #3: Describe who your ideal clients are and how you can help them. Here is where you want to give a great idea of who your ideal clients are, their problems, what do they want or desire and how you can help them.

Step #4: Ask them if they know anyone who fits the description of your ideal client and if they would be willing to pass your information onto them. Let them know exactly how they can get in touch with you. Don’t assume they know! Make sure to include your email, phone and website.

Step #5: Ask what is New & Good with them and let them know you would be happy to help them in any way they need (only if you really mean it!) We are in each other’s lives for a reason. We can all succeed together.

Step #6: In the P.S. part of the letter make it a point to set up a “New & Good” call in call so you can share with them what you are doing in more details. Your focus here is to educate people who already know, like and trust you about what you do so they can send you lots of referrals (because you know, people LOVE to help each other succeed!)

Are you ready to implement practical marketing strategies that will keep your business pipeline filled with ideal prospects ready to work with you all year around?

Dedicated to amplifying your business success!
Simone ?

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