The Secret To Feeling Good About Marketing Your Business


Do you love what you do? Does helping people make you feel good? Have you ever find yourself creating top-notch service, content, programs, and workshops but got stuck when it’s time to market? Do not worry you are NOT alone.

Just this week I was talking to an ideal client and that’s exactly what she shared with me. She said she had a great job and was getting paid well but she had this feeling that she was meant to be making a bigger contribution to the world (her story sound so familiar!).

She also has a ton of experience and knowledge about what she offers. She provides excellent solutions to her clients and they get exceptional results – she helps them save a lot of money, time and keep their employees happy….it is a win-win situation for everyone.

But why was she avoiding marketing her own business? In her words, “I love creating and delivering contents, programs and workshops but when it comes to marketing it I feel like I am bothering people.”

The reason why she wanted to speak with me was because she was getting clients by tapping into her network and knew that sooner or later she is going to run out of people to talk to. Now she needs a marketing plan to easily and naturally amplify her business success.

Listen, what I’m here to tell you today is that selling doesn’t exist. You know why? Wait a minute, I’ll tell you.

Now let me first ask you this: When you get up in the morning and wanna have a nice cup of warm coffee, you lookout for someone better to sell you coffee, milk and sugar, right?!

The supermarket where you bought the supplies you needed to have your cup of coffee did you a favor by opening the store, putting a big sign up, and sending you some flyers to let you know what they offer and where they are located in case you needed something. Their marketing efforts made it easier for you to get what you want anytime you want it.

See, marketing and sales have a bad reputation because a lot of people have tried to sell, manipulate and push what they sell down people’s throat and do not consider if they actually need, want or desire these items.

Trust me, I’ve had people try to sell me something I don’t want and it feels yucky. You are like our clients if it’s not in your nature to force people to buy from you. But on the contrary, you’d NEVER even try to sell something you know people don’t want.

So, why does this type of hesitation comes up? Well, chances are you’ve received the best trainings but didn’t get any training about marketing your business in a way that makes you feel good and honor the type of person that you are.

In fact most marketing trainings out there require that you go way out of your comfort zone in achieving your business goals. In my opinion that isn’t healthy. It brings up a lot of resistance and little or nothing gets done.

But do you know there’s a new way of marketing your business? A way that makes you feel good and excited about what you do, and honors who YOU ARE as a business owner. I believe, just like One Size Doesn’t Fit All when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and self-care. One Size also doesn’t Fit All when it comes to marketing your business.

Are you ready to discover what marketing strategies best fit your business? Are you ready to feel totally motivated to market (to let people know you exist, what you offer and are excited to help), to get out there and show up in a big and powerful way, and connect and convert as many clients as you want? This can ONLY happen when your actions are aligned with your mindset and energy!

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Dedicated to amplifying your business success!
Simone 😉

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